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Spring 2020 Schedule


Game Schedules : Listed Under Specific Team

Date Activity Time (JV/Varsity) Shorts/Shirt
M1/13/20 Practice 530-7p/630-830pm Navy/Carolina
Tu1/14/20 Off Off  
We1/15/20 Practice 530-7p/630-830pm Gray/Navy
Th1/16/20 Practice 530-7p/630-830 Navy/Carolina
Fr1/17/20 Practice 430-6pm- All Gray/Navy
Sat1/18/20 Practice  8-10am - All Navy/Carolina
Su1/19/20 Off Off  

Yearbook Pictures 4:00 /Practice


4:00 pictures/Practice for both teams immediately after practice until 630.  
Tu1/21/20 Off Off  
We1/22/20 Practice 530-7p/630-830pm  
Th1/23/20 Practice 530-7p/630-830pm  
Fr1/24/20 Practice/Varsity Retreat 4-6pm/Retreat  
Sa1/25/20 Practice/Varsity Retreat 8-10am/Retreat  
Su1/26/20 Off/Varsity Retreat Pickup Off/Retreat Pickup  
Mo1/27/20 Practice 530-7p/630-830pm  
Tu1/28/20 Off Off  
We1/29/20 Practice 530-7p/630-830pm  
Th1/30/20 Practice 530-7p/630-830pm  
Fr1/31/20 Practice 4-6pm - All  
Sa2/1/20 Mudslinger All Day - All  
Su2/2/20 Mudslinger All Day - All  
Mo2/3/20 Off - Feb Break    
Tu2/4/20 Off - Feb Break    
We2/5/20 Off - Feb Break    
Th2/6/20 Practice  4-6pm/6-8pm  
Fr2/7/20 Practice  4-6pm - All  
Sa2/8/20 Travel/Game vs Coppell 7a/8a - 1pm/3pm  
Su2/9/20 Game/Travel vs Southlake 11a/1p - 6pm/8pm  
Mo2/10/20 Practice 530-7p/630-830pm  
Tu2/11/20 Off Off  
We2/12/20 Practice 530-7p/630-830pm  
Th2/13/20 Practice 530-7p/630-830pm  
Fr2/14/20 Practice 4-6pm - All  
Sa2/15/20 Game vs Pearland(HOME) 11am/1pm  
Su2/16/20 Off Off  
Mo2/17/20 Practice 530-7p/630-830pm  
Tu2/18/20 Practice 530-7p/630-830pm  
We2/19/20 Off Off  
Th2/20/20 Practice 530-7p/630-830pm  
Fr2/21/20 Practice 4-6pm - All  
Sa2/22/20 Scrimmage 8-930/930-11  
Su2/23/20 Off Off  
Mo2/24/20 Practice 530-7p/630-830pm  

Game/Travel @ Kinkaid

Sandwiches: JV

330/430 - 530/730  
We2/26/20 Practice 530-7p/630-830pm  
Th2/27/20 Practice 530-7p/630-830pm  
Fr2/28/20 Practice 4-6pm - All  
Sa2/29/20 Travel/Game vs Lake Travis 7a/8a - 1pm/3pm  
Su3/1/20 Game/Travel vs Austin 11a/1pm - 6p/8pm  
Mo3/2/20 Practice 530-7p/630-830pm  
Tu3/3/20 Off Off  
We3/4/20 Practice 530-7p/630-830pm  
Th3/5/20 Practice 530-7p/630-830pm  
Fr3/6/20 Off/Travel Springbreak Flight - TBD  
Sa3/7/20 Off/Springbreak - San Diego
Off/Springbreak - San Diego
Su3/8/20 Off/Springbreak - San Diego
Off/Springbreak - San Diego
Mo3/9/20 Off/Springbreak - San Diego
Off/Springbreak - San Diego
Tu3/10/20 Off/Springbreak - San Diego
Off/Springbreak - San Diego
We3/11/20 Off/Springbreak - Travel
Off/Springbreak - San Diego
Th3/12/20 Off Off  
Fr3/13/20 Off Off  
Sa3/14/20 Off Off  
Su3/15/20 Off Off  
Mo3/16/20 Practice 530-7p/630-830pm  
Tu3/17/20 Practice 530-7p/630-830pm  
We3/18/20 Off Off  
Th3/19/20 Practice 530-7p/630-830pm  
Fr3/20/20 Practice 4-6pm - All  
Sa3/21/20 Scrimmage 8-930/930-11  
Su3/22/20 Off Off  
Mo3/23/20 Practice 530-7p/630-830pm  
Tu3/24/20 Practice 530-7p/630-830pm  
We3/25/20 Game vs EHS (HOME) 530-730pm  
Th3/26/20 Practice 530-7p/630-830pm  
Fr3/27/20 Practice 4-6pm - All  
Sa3/28/20 Travel/Game @ Friendswood 9a/10a - 11a/1p  
Su3/29/20 Off Off  
Mo3/30/20 Practice 530-7p/630-830pm  
Tu3/31/20 Off Off  
We4/1/20 Practice 530-7p/630-830pm  
Th4/2/20 Practice 530-7p/630-830pm  
Fr4/3/20 Game vs Memorial(HOME) 530/730  
Sa4/4/20 Off Off  
Su4/5/20 Game vs. TBD : Senior DAY(HOME) 11a/1p  
Mo4/6/20 Practice 530-7p/630-830pm  
Tu4/7/20 Practice 530-7p/630-830pm  
We4/8/20 Practice 530-7p/630-830pm  
Th4/9/20 Game vs St. Johns(HOME) 530p/730p  
Fr4/10/20 Off - Easter Off - Easter  
Sa4/11/20 Off - Easter Off - Easter  
Su4/12/20 Off - Easter Off - Easter  
Mo4/13/20 Practice 530-7p/630-830pm  
Tu4/14/20 Practice 530-7p/630-830pm  
We4/15/20 Practice 530-7p/630-830pm  
Th4/16/20 Travel/Game @ Woodlands 330/430 - 530/730  
Fr4/16/20 Current End of JV Season    
Sa4/17/20 Off Off  
Su4/18/20 Practice 8-10am - All  
Mo4/19/20 Off Off  
Tu4/20/20 Practice 530-730pm  
We4/21/20 Off Off  
Th4/22/20 Practice 530-730pm  
Fr4/23/20 Practice 530-730pm  
Sa4/24/20 Practice 530-730pm  
Su4/25/20 Practice 8am-10am  
Mo4/26/20 Off    
Tu4/27/20 Practice 530-730pm  
We4/28/20 City 1/4 Final Game TBD  
Th4/29/20 Practice 530-730pm  
Fr4/30/20 City Semi Final Game TBD  
Sa5/1/20 Practice 530-730pm  
Su5/2/20 City Final/3-4 Game TBD  
Mo5/3/20 Off Off  
Tu5/4/20 Practice 530-730pm  
We5/5/20 Off Off  
Th5/6/20 Practice 530-730pm  
Fr5/7/20 Practice 530-730pm  
Sa5/8/20 Practice 530-730pm  
Su5/9/20 State Super Regional  TBD  
5/10/20 State Super Regional  TBD  
5/11/20 Practice 530-730pm  
5/12/20 Off Off  
5/13/20 Practice 530-730pm  
5/14/20 Practice 530-730pm  
5/15/20 Practice 530-730pm  
5/16/20 Host State Championship All - All Day  
5/17/20 Host State Championship All - All Day

by posted 01/03/2020
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