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Individual Honors


Cannen Borum - All State Midfield (Junior) WASHINGTON COLLEGE


Lucas Borchers- All State goalie (Junior)

Garrett Graham- All State Defense (Senior)

John Imperato- All State Midfield (Junior)  BELLARMINE UNIVERSITY

William Kauderer- All State Midfield (Junior) TEXAS A&M

Blake Parr - All District Attack (Senior) TEXAS TECH

Bergen Goldsmith- All District Defense (Junior) UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS

Seaver Sasso- Honorable Mention Midfield /USLacrosse Academic All- American (Junior)



Patrick McShane- All-District Defense (Senior) TEXAS TECH

John Imperato - All-District midfield (Sophomore)

Lucas Borchers - All- District goalie (Sophomore)

Garrett Graham - Honorable Mention Defense (Junior)



Jacob Tatum - All-State attack and All- American Attack(Senior)  STEVENSON UNIVERSITY

Ethan Gant - All-District Midfield (Senior) COLORADO MESA UNIVERSITY




Matt Goodell - All-district faceoff/midfield (Senior)

Jon Hillier - All-District midfield (Senior)

Bryce Adams - All-State goalie (Senior)

Keenan Smith - All-State defense (Senior)

Patrick O'Brien - All-District defense (Senior)

Ethan Gant - All-District midfield (Junior)

Dalton Sulver - All-American attack and All-State attack (Senior) HIGH POINT UNIVERSITY

Zach Taylor - Honorable mention attack (Senior) SOUTHWESTERN

Jacob Tatum - All-District attack (Junior)


Division I Coach of the Year, South District, Chris Arnold
All-American, Dalton Sulver (Junior)
All-State, Attack, AJ Hepting (Senior) TEXAS A&M
All-State, Midfield, Dalton Sulver (Junior)
All-State, Defense, Keenan Smith (Junior)
All-State, Goalie, Bryce Adams (Junior)
All-District, Midfield, Zach Taylor (Junior)
All-District, Defense, Patrick O’Brien (Junior)


All-District, Attack, AJ Hepting (Junior)
All-District, Midfield, Dalton Sulver (Sophomore)
All-District, Defense, Keenan Smith (Sophomore)
Honorable Mention, Midfield, Zach Taylor (Sophomore)


All-State, Attack, Tucker Bryce (Senior) TEXAS A&M
All-District, Defense, Ian Wood (Senior)
All-District, Goalie, Nick Hepting (Senior) 
Honorable Mention, Midfield, Josh McPherson (Junior)
All District, Midfield, Ethan Medler (Senior)
All District, Attack, Brett Willms (Senior) UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA
Honorable Mention, Attack, Tucker Bryce (Junior)TEXAS A&M
Honorable Mention, Defense, Ian Wood (Junior)

All American, All State, Defense, Hunter Henrick (Senior)
All American Nominee, All State, Attack, Ryan DeLange (Senior)
All  American Nominee, All State, Goalie, Patrick McClernon (Senior)
All State, Midfield, Connor Castleman (Senior)
All District, Defense, Matt Foster (Senior)
All District, Midfield, Josh Henderson (Senior)
Honorable Mention, Attack, Michael Janiszewski (Senior)
Honorable Mention, Midfield, Derrick Melinder (Senior)

All American Nominee, All State, Goalie, Patrick McClernon (Junior)
All State, Attack, Ryan DeLange (Junior)
All State, Defense, Hunter Henrick (Junior)
All District, Attack, Connor Castleman (Junior)
Honorable Mention, Midfield, Micheal Janiszewski (Junior)
Honorable Mention, Midfield, Christian Brakke (Junior)

All State, Attack, Collin Schopfer (Senior)
Honorable Mention, Goalie, Cameron Stout (Junior)

All State, Defense, Kyle Wilde (Senior)
All District, Midfield, Keith Bon (Senior)
All District, Attack, Collin Schopfer (Junior)
Honorable Mention, Midfield, Harrison Hargrave (Senior)
Honorable Mention, Midfield, Chad Falkenstein (Senior)
Honorable Mention, LSM, Tanner Maffett (Junior)

All State, Midfield, Chris Harren (Senior)
All District, Goalie, Nick Williams (Senior)
All District, Defense, Kyle Wilde (Junior)
Honorable Mention, Attack, Thomas LaCour (Junior)
Honorable Mention, Attack, Collin Schopfer (Sophomore)
Honorable Mention, Midfield, Patrick Gardner (Junior)
Honorable Mention, Midfield, Harrison Hargrave (Junior)

All State, Face-Off, Taylor Bon (Senior)
All District, Midfield, Greg Henke (Senior)
Honorable Mention, Attack, Willie Sterner (Senior)
Honorable Mention, Midfield, Chris Harren (Junior)
Honorable Mention, Midfield, Patrick Gardner (Sophomore)
Honorable Mention, Defense, Zach Morgan (Junior)
Honorable Mention, Defense, Kyle Wilde (Sophomore)
Honorable Mention, Goalie, Nick Williams (Junior)

Honorable Mention, Attack, Willie Sterner (Junior)
Honorable Mention, Midfield, Greg Henke (Junior)
Honorable Mention, Midfield, Levi Meyer (Senior)
Honorable Mention, Defense, Logan King

All District, Defense, Cole Robbins (Senior)

All American, Midfield, Troy