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Hello!  This email is in regards to off campus PE credit for Spring 2019 and Spring 2020. 

Spring 2019: If you signed up for off campus PE for this spring, Coach Platt must turn in the attached form for a grade to be submitted.  Please print and complete the Name, Student ID, Campus and Grade level sections and turn in the form to Coach Platt.  Please get this form to Coach Platt no later than the night of the banquet.  



Spring 2020:  
There is a packet that must be completed and submitted to Helen Wagner at the District level.  Be sure and discuss with your child's counselor that they wish to take Off Campus PE and that you are submitting the forms.  Coach Platt must sign page 3 of this packet.  You can bring this page to the banquet to have Coach Platt sign it.  


Page 3:  
The application is for the Spring semester only.  
We are Category II. 
Workout schedule:   Workout begins at 3:30pm and Ends at 5:30pm M-F
Name of the Commercial Establishment:  Kingwood Lacrosse Club
Phone number:  413-244-7008
Please enter the Name of Student's Counselor under the Instructor's signature.  

Page 4:  Please be sure to complete this page as part of your submission.  For the bottom section please use the following information:
Commercial Establishment:  Kingwood Lacrosse Club
Address:  2002 Riverglen Forest Dr., Kingwood, TX 77345   Phone:  413-244-7008
Instructor's Name:  Jeremy Platt

Please contact Laurie O'Brien at 281-797-1067 or obriendL@sprintmail.com if you have any questions.