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  • Kingwood Varsity Lacrosse Retreat - January 24th-26th 2019

    Camp Olympia - 723 Olympia Dr., Trinity TX 75862


 Right now , plans are to have a bus for transportation to Camp Olympia. Parents will need to pick up campers by 11:00 am on Sunday.

  • Friday Schedule will be to meet at KHS @ 430 .  



    Warm Layerable Clothing including Gloves & Hats

    Clothes you don’t mind getting dirty

    Dark Colored or Camo Clothing (for our games)

    Shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty and wet

    Multiple pairs of socks

    Rain Jacket

    Sleeping Bag & Pillow (bedding)

    Towel & Toiletries for Showering/Cleaning


    Necessary Medications (must tell Platt via email from Parents please)

    Empty Trash bag for dirty clothes


    Wireless Speakers
    Handheld Electronics of any Kind
    Excess $ or Credit Cards 
    Wallet isn’t necessary
    Drugs or Alcohol



    Phones will be taken away upon getting on bus and returned on Sunday AM at parent pickup

    (should you need to contact us or the boys – call me or the camp #s below)


    We will be outside and it will be chilly and wet – pack appropriately including gloves and hats


    Boys will need to be picked up address above on Sunday at 11:00am.  

    Should you be planning a carpool – please communicate that with me via email


    We will have multiple snack and drinks provided by parents as well as the meals provided by the camp – should your son require a special diet (food allergy) please contact me directly and immediately


    Should anyone be found with Drugs or Alcohol – that will result in immediate removal from the team as well as require immediate pickup from camp – NO MATTER WHAT TIME IT IS




  • Friday – High 58 – Low 40  50% Chance of Rain

  • Saturday – High 57 – Low 35 40% Chance of Rain 

    Sunday – High 56– Low 39 40% Chance of Rain


    Jeremy Platt – 413-244-7008

    Camp Olympia Direct Line – (936) 594-2541



  • Everyone needs to be involved in the snack donation ! Think appx. 30 players/coaches


  • Needs:

  •  Cases of water
    Cases of small bottle Gatorade
    Suggested items:
    Prepackaged : cheese sticks, granola bars, beef jerky, packaged apples, chips, cookies, candy, peanut butter crackers, mini muffins, rice krispie treats, smores items: Marshmellows, chocolate bars, graham crackers, trash bags.
     Varsity Assignments:
    Please make sure when purchasing , you think of 26 teenage boys and 3 Coaches !
    I tried to divide the list up as equally as I could ( don't hate !)
    Tucker: Case of Gatorade/Pop Tarts/Cheezits or Goldfish Individual Packs
    Tatum: Case of Water/ Clementines/Cheezits or Goldfish Individual Packages
    Kauderer: Case of Water/Whole Apples/Cheese Sticks
    Sony: Case of Water/ Rice Krispie Treats/ Individual Chips
    Imperato: Case of Gatorade/ Jerky or Beefsticks/ Cookies
    OBrien: Case of Gatorade / Individual Boxes of Cereal
    Sasso: Case of Water /Smores Stuff : Graham Crackers/Marshmellows/Chocolate Bars
    Guilfoyle: Case of Gatorade/Trail Mix Individuals/Crackers
    Borum: Case of Gatorade/ Individual Bags of Candy Bars/M& Ms/Mini Donuts
    Shearer: Case of Water/Individual Bags of Chips
    Mizuno: Case of Gatorade/ Mini Muffins/Pop Tarts
    Kerstein: 2 Cases of Water/ Trash Bags
    McGrath: Case of Water/ Clementines/ Pop Tarts
    Jolley: Case of Water/ Bananas/ Granola Bars
    Gant:  Case of Water/ Individual Candy Bars& MMs/Rice Krispie Treats
    Hassel: Case of Gatorade/Jerky or Beefsticks/Individual Crackers
    Klinefelter: Case of Water/ Individual Cookies/Mini Donuts
    Hanson: Case of Gatorade/ Individual Chips /Mini Donuts
    Foley: Case of Gatorade/ Cheese Sticks/Clementines
    Goldsmith: Case of Water/ Individual Chips
    Borchers: Case of Water/ Mini Muffins/ Bananas
    Morrison: Case of Gatorade /Granola Bars/Pop Tarts
    Please drop items at Juanita Wichkoski (Ethan Mizuno) house before 2pm on Friday !
    Players can also give items to Ethan at practices next week.
    2322 Crimson Valley Ct (Riverchase Village)