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Effective Date: January 18, 2021
Next Review Date: January 18, 2026

Purpose: To Establish a plan of action and roles and responsibilities in the event of a medical
emergency at Kingwood High School Men’s Lacrosse Home games. Included will be an
emergency plan for all fields which home games may be played. If a game is played at a field
not included on this plan, the same emergency plan will remain in effect with requirement for the
Site Administrator to determine and document the appropriate first responder phone number
and closest emergency facility.

Responsible Parties:
Personnel in attendance at each home game that will be considered a part of the emergency
response team are”

Site Administrator
Team Head Coach or designee
Team Assistant Coach or designee
Memorial Hermann Trainer

Supplies and Equipment at each home game:
1.) This plan
2.) Player emergency information in binder
3.) Ice
4.) Trainers equipment provided by the Memorial Hermann trainer

In the event of an Emergency
1) The injured player will receive immediate care from the trainer and site administrator
and any medical personnel (within the scope of their training) to assess and attempt
to stabilize the injury.
2) The injured player will be moved as little as possible until the injury is assessed and
a decision whether to activate EMS has been made.
3) If a spinal/ neck injury is suspected the helmet will not be removed and the head and
spine will be immobilized as much as possible until EMS arrives.

4) The Site Administrator or another responsible individual with knowledge of the
situation will call 911 and remain on the operator until told to hang up by the

From Kingwood High School, Turner Field or Insperity Fields, students may be taken to
Memorial Hermann Northeast at 18951 Memorial Dr, Humble Texas 77338 (281-540-7700).

If the injury is more mild and does not involve cardiopulmonary or spinal issues, they may also
go to 4533 Kingwood Dr., Kingwood, TX 77345 (346-320-5300). In addition, parent may have
a choice of ED’s they would like to go to.