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This will be updated for Spring 2020- Stay Tuned

Kingwood Men’s Lacrosse Leadership/Mentoring Program Spring 2016

Hours can work towards Volunteer Requirements for School and Church Organizations.

APPROVED for NHS Hours:  1 Leadership Point and 1 Service Point per Hour

* The point break downs are for Current NHS Members. 

 * The hours can be used for NHS points for new members,

you will need to talk to NHS Officer to determine points.


Program Coordinator: Dates: February 9 -  April 10


William Sterner, Assistant Coach KHS Lacrosse, Team Sponsor, William.sterner@humble.k12.tx.us

Christa Myers, Program Coordinator


Kingwood High School Men’s Lacrosse team and the Kingwood Youth League have a long standing commitment to support each other. All of our HS players have been brought through the Kingwood Youth League, preparing them for HS level play.  This is an opportunity for our players to give back to the youth and learn critical leadership skills in the process.

Each High School Lacrosse player will be assigned to a youth team by the Head Coach and will assist with all aspects of practice. The commitment will be to attend weekly practices -up to 2 hrs a week, along with a mandatory 1 hr Leadership/Training class at beginning of the season.

Total hours will be between 16-20 hours.

Hours will be maintained on a form and signed by one of the three Sponsors.

Program Details and Expectations:

Practice times and dates available for players to mentor:

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays – Grades 3-8 at Insperity  6:00pm-7:30pm  (conveniently after HS Practice)
  • Wednesday – Grades K-2 6:30pm-8:00pm
  • Sundays – Grades K-2 2pm-3pm and Grades 3/4 3pm-4:30pm


  • Send Christa Myers an email that you are interested in the program. Christa.myers13@gmail.com
  • Identify what days work best for you.
  • Chris Arnold will review, approve and assign players/mentors to each practice.


  • Players will mentor at least one practice a week.
  • Once mentors are assigned, the mentor will be expected to communicate their availability with the Coach.
  • Hours are to be maintained on a Volunteer Hours Log and signed by the Coach. This is the responsibility of the Player/Mentor.